Vitra Plate Table

design Jasper Morrison, 2004

In keeping with Jasper Morrison's philosophy of 'super normal' design, his Plate Tables are characterised by an unassuming, classic shape and finely balanced proportions. Available in two different sizes, these coffee tables derive their charm from the successful interplay of subtly rounded contours and precisely defined edges. The refined base and the thin table top in premium solid wood, Carrara marble or powder-coated MDF form a harmonious whole, yet are clearly distinct from each other. 

                                • With their understated elegance, the Plate Tables can be attractively paired with a wide variety of sofas, but they are especially appealing companion pieces for the Soft Modular Sofa, also designed by Jasper Morrison.

                              Model quoted : Carrare Marble, 41 x 41 x height 37 cm

1 480,40 € incl. vat / 1 233,33 € excl. vat

include 0,40 € for green tax

Availability: delivery 6-8 weeks

210 540 11

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