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Vitra Allstar

Konstantin Grcic, 2014

61 x 74 x height 78,5-95,5 cm (seat height 42-53 cm)

    • The Allstar chair defies conventional categorisations: is it a chair for office workplaces or the home office? What period is it from? Does it fulfil specific functions? What is it made of? In developing Allstar, Konstantin Grcic kept such formulations open in order to provide office workers with a relaxed home-like feel and sense of familiarity. The form of Allstar is emblematic and appealing. It seems as though this chair has always existed, which inspires a feeling of trust and security. Exuding casual ease and comfort, it yields a calming influence and de-accelerates the fast-paced dynamic of today’s offices.

            • Price in Silk Mesh.

752,50 € incl. vat / 626,67 € excl. vat

include 0,50 € for green tax

Availability: delivery 6-8 weeks

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