M61 Table of the Conferencier

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design El Lissitzky, 1923

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140 x 140 x h74 cm

Frame : ash veneer black or white lacquered, chromed leg, 2 drawers in beech, place of deposit behind the door
Tabletop : cherry tree veneer, maple veneer
Model M61-2 : like M61, in mirror-imaged
Optional : hanging files

'The static architecture of the Egyptian­pyramids has been overcome: our architecture rolls, swims, flies. It will sway and float in the air. I want to help to invent and form this new reality.' (El Lissitzky, 1926). An interchange station between painting and architecture, is how El Lissitzky described his 'Proun' pictures, and this changeover also applies to the mobile structures of the everyday environment, tables and chairs. Admittedly, most of what El Lissitzky created for the young Soviet Union only survives in the form of drawings and montage: Lissitzky designed in steel and glass, where there was a shortage of wood and cement, and before long, the consolidated political power was stifling the revolution in art as well. This is why not one single original, structural work of Lissitzky, who studied architecture in Darmstadt, still exists and it is only possible to make guesses in reconstructions at what this artist, architect, typographer and designer had in mind. A man who was more concerned with the global picture than a quietly introspective right angle, he is now held in high regard by constructivists and deconstructivists alike.

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M61 Table of the Conferencier