Tecno P40

design Osvaldo Borsani, 1955

80/150 x 72 x h70/90 cm

Following on the success of the D70 divan at the 10th Triennale Exhibition of 1954, Borsani began work on the idea of a mechanical joint that could allow an armchair the freedom of movement necessary to assume different positions, especially for relaxation. The P40 was the ideological manifesto of Tecno design as seen by Borsani.

Still today it is the most instantly recognisable and best appreciated item in the Tecno catalogue, thanks to its suitability for use in the home, offices and the hospitality sector.

With the P40, Borsani strove to find a technical way to extend the potential of the classic chaises longues designed by some of the Modernist Movement’s most famous architects. The P40 overcame the static nature of the fixed and bulky “comfortable chair” and offered an alternative of smaller dimensions, capable of opening in a fan-like manner through a series of settings from any position between full reclined and completely closed.

11 600,75 € incl. vat / 9 666,04 € excl. vat

include 1,50 € for green tax

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