Serge Mouille Spider Ceiling Light with 5 curved fixed arms

€6,924.00 incl. vat €5,770.00 excl. vat

Serge Mouille, 1954

Color: Black
delivery 5-7 weeks

150 x h100 cm
140 x h120 cm
130 x h135 cm

Available in three sizes, this Serge Mouille Spider Ceiling Light with 5 curved fixed arms is a re-release of a 1954 light fixture manufactured with the same quality as the original models. Manufactured in France, it features 5 curved fixed arms in black steel which each carry an aluminium reflector with a shiny white interior that can be swivelled into position. Delivered rapidly featuring its serial number and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, this model is also available in white.

Rapid delivery and customised quote

Licensed re-releases of creations by Serge Mouille (1922-1988), our Serge Mouille lighting systems are rapidly available and benefit from free delivery to Europe with no minimum order amount. For all other destinations, enjoy preferential rates and an electrical standard adapted to your destination.

Whether a private individual or a professional, we are available to support you by telephone on (+33) 1 49 24 08 02 or directly in our showroom located in the heart of Paris to help you carry out your Serge Mouille light fixture installation projects.

Serge Mouille, timeless lighting systems

With the creation of the floor lamp with 3 arms in the 1950s, then the “Black Shapes” series and light columns, Serge Mouille is recognised as one of the greatest designers of light fixtures of the 20th century.

Today re-released in France exclusively by Editions Serge Mouille, Serge Mouille lighting systems still have all of their modern touch.

Certified Serge Mouille re-releases

Delivered with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity, fabrication of each re-release of a Serge Mouille light fixture involves painstaking craftsmanship. Moulds from the original era, materials, proportions and techniques are thus conserved and guarantee the quality of each model.

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