Serge Mouille Ceiling Light with 6 pivoting arms in black and white

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Serge Mouille, 1959

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280 x 170 x h60 cm

Manufactured in France by Editions Serge Mouille, the Serge Mouille Ceiling Light with 6 pivoting arms in black and white is a re-release of a 1958 light fixture. Featuring aluminium reflectors with shiny white interiors that can be swivelled into position, it is made up of 4 straight arms in white steel and 2 curved arms in black steel. Each item, bearing a serial number, is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and is delivered rapidly.

A wide choice of Serge Mouille light fixtures

Accredited reseller of Serge Mouille lighting systems, UBER-MODERN offers you a range of iconic models that are rapidly available with free delivery without a minimum order amount to all European destinations. Preferential rates are also proposed for all other destinations around the world, with an electrical standard adapted to your destination.

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Serge Mouille, a French classic

Since his famous series of “Black Shapes” released in the 1950s, Serge Mouille has remained an indispensable reference in worldwide design. Moulded steel painted black, aluminium reflectors with shiny white interiors and brass ball joints, his light fixture creations are some of today’s timeless classics.

Licensed re-releases

Exclusively reproduced by the French design house “Editions Serge Mouille”, each model is reproduced in France using the same materials and craftsmanship. All models are delivered as numbered items accompanied by their certificate of authenticity.

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