Richard Lampert Eiermann table 160 x 90 cm

design Egon Eiermann, 1965

Originally known as the Zeichentisch (drawing table), the Eiermann 2 table is an interpretation of the original Eiermann table. It was initiated by one of Eiermann's assistants who implemented the new design which has the advantage of making it easier to disassemble and transport the chassis.

In contrast to the Eiermann 1, the stretchers sit vertically between the frame’s lateral parts and the crossbars are screwed together back-to-back. Thanks to this design, half-tubes are welded to the ends of the crosspieces: a really different feature from the original.

Today the Eiermann table, particularly appreciated by architects, has become a coveted classic as a workspace. However, it is not limited to this use, it will also be perfect as a dining table or desk.

Simplicity at the service of design

You can recognize the aesthetic signature of Egon Eiermann at a glance. A simple but effective design that is above all functional.

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