Gallotti&Radice Tetris

design Massimo Castagna, 2014

Coffee table in 6 mm bronze stopsol, extralight or bright black painted tempered glass. Structure in hand burnished brass. The hand burnished brass finish looks naturally spotted and irregular. Due to this craftmade processing, each product is unique and exclusive.

35 x 35 x 25h cm
35 x 35 x 35h cm
35 x 35 x 40h cm
35 x 45 x 40h cm
70 x 35 x 35h cm
70 x 70 x 30h cm

14" x 14" x 10"h
14" x 14" x 14"h
14" x 14" x 15¾"h
14" x 17¾" x 15¾"h
27¾" x 14" x 14"h
27¾" x 27¾" x 12"h

Quoted price : 70 x 70 x 30h cm

1 801,00 € incl. vat / 1 500,00 € excl. vat

include 1,00 € for green tax

Availability: delivery 6-8 weeks


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