Knoll Breuer Small Laccio Table

Marcel Breuer 1928

length 55 x width 48 x height 45 cm

Like his Wassily chair, Marcel Breuer's Laccio Tables, of 1924, are critical to the story of 20th-century design. Breuer's use of tubular steel to define lines in space, beautifully exhibited in these simple nesting tables, revolutionised furniture construction and inspired many subsequent generations of designers.

Table top features a satin finish, smooth plastic laminate (white, black and red) or wide range of marble hues Frame and legs are seamless tubular steel in polished chrome finish.

Model quote: black laminate. Call us for other quotes. 

636,77 € incl. vat / 530,00 € excl. vat

include 0,77 € for green tax


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