Hans Wegner - The story

Hans J. Wegner


Hans J. Wegner is one of the greatest designers of the Twentieth Century. Dubbed 'The Master of Chairs' by his peers, he greatly contributed in the development of Danish design throughout his career.

His creations stand out by their timelessness and their accuracy, while never yielding to fashions. Hans J. Wegner’s pragmatic approach of his craft, influenced by his training as a carpenter, defines the shapes of his table and seats. The practical aspect is relentlessly evaluated throughout the rather strict creation process, quite distant of free and spontaneous inspiration. This attention to functionality correlates to the potential of the material: 'The biggest freedom stems from the MOST severe strictness' (Henrik Most) . Hans J. Wegner designed and developed chairs from the age of 15 during his apprenticeship at throughout his entire life, constantly looking for that perfect line. He will design over 500 original models in total.

Hans J.Wegner’s work is internationally recognized since 1951, when he won the Lunning prize and the Grand Prix of the Milan Triennale. His legacy is now on display at MoMA in NYC.