D42 Weißenhof-armchair

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design Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1927

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délai 6-8 semaines

57 x 84 x h81 cm (assise 45 cm)

Structure en acier nickelé
Assise et dossier en canage naturel ou Tecta-wickerwork

'The most beautiful 'chair' since the throne of Charlemagne is simultaneously a 'vulgar' object of mass production! Its creation marks the victory of the Bauhaus vision: the use of machinery to expand the production of consumer goods; the act of building culture rather than destroying culture. As a creator, I declare: two materials could not enter into a connection more pure... As a sculptor, I declare: sculpture could not create a space more sublime... As a restless philosopher, I inquire: how could I marry this purity with grace, sensuality, economy and the commonplace utility of the everyday?' Stefan Wewerka, 1985

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D42 Weißenhof-armchair

2 574,17 €