Lammhults Club

design Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, 2008

‘In the dim quiet space intended to invite introspection, there you are greeted – not by a pompous chesterfield, but by a compact block. Reduced to such an extent that it has almost turned into a symbol. A symbol of reserve and solidity and masculinity and everything that the classic club easy chair is supposed to exude. But manufactured industrially, shaped in a giant mould, relatively cheap and efficient. Without compromising with comfort. A club easy chair of our own time and technique.‘ Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen

Piètement pivotant avec retour automatique sur plaque d’acier 6 mm, laqué ou inox.
Revêtement en tissu ou cuir.

Prix en cuir.

2 676,30 € TTC / 2 229,00 € HT

inclus 1,50 € pour l'éco-participation

Disponibilité : délai 6-8 semaines


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