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design Gunilla Allard, 1994

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Three years. That’s how long it took to develop Cinema. And yet it looks so simple. Why is this? It’s all in the details. I tested innumerable different stitchings, developed a technique to have the leather fit snugly round the armrests, struggled to make the fastening in the backrest invisible. Over the years this way of working has become typical for me, always slimming back, reducing without compromising the character of the piece. For Lammhults, where they’d earlier mostly worked with pretty robust proportions, Cinema signalled a first step towards a neater collection. And a broad international breakthrough. Where the inspiration came from? From my old sports car. I was fascinated by how comfortable it was despite the cramped dimensions.’ Gunilla Allard

Structure en tube d’acier chromé ou laqué.
Base en bois, rembourrée en polyuréthane et revêtue en tissu ou cuir.
Accoudoirs gainé de cuir.

Prix en cuir.

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2 066,45 €