Lammhults Cinema Sport

design Gunilla Allard, 1999

Largeur 52 x prof. 56 x h75 cm (assise 46 cm)

‘Just as it was with Cinema, the motivation here was to explore a question of scale: how neat and dainty can a chair be without encroaching on seating comfort? I was tired of those bombastic items of furniture that dominated the scene and I wanted to achieve a product that played a more unobtrusive role in the room, that barely peeped over the table top. The risk with such low chairs of course is that they nip you in the back but Cinema Sport passes the test, it has a Pirelli belt along the top edge – a broad rubber band. I call this chair the little sister. A little cheekier, a bit more attitude. A convertible.’ Gunilla Allard

Structure en tube d’acier chromé ou laqué.
Base en bois, rembourrée en polyuréthane et revêtue en tissu ou cuir.
Accoudoirs gainé de cuir.

Prix en cuir.

1 370,60 € TTC / 1 142,00 € HT

inclus 0,20 € pour l'éco-participation

Disponibilité : délai 6-8 semaines

Cinema Sport

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